CBD and Athletic Performance

CBD and Athletic Performance

Mar 25, 2021

A man on an outdoor running track, in the starting position.

Athletes need all the help they can get when it comes to recovery, sleep, and relief from injuries and inflammation. And whether you’re a gym junkie, fitness newbie, or professional hockey or basketball player, CBD appears to offer a natural way to train at your best. Let’s dive in and take a look at CBD and athletic performance — how CBD can help and which products are best for athletes.

How CBD and Athletic Performance Can Go Together

When we look at news stories surrounding problems relating to drugs in sports, what we’re usually looking at is a substance that gives the player an unnatural advantage over their peers. In the case of CBD and sports recovery, it’s a totally different situation. Cannabidiol — or CBD — doesn’t pump up your muscles or fill you with super-human energy. You still need to put in the work. It simply helps you rest and recover more effectively to keep you giving one hundred percent.

Research about CBD and Athletic Performance

Numerous studies have been conducted that give us some insight into how CBD could help athletes stay in peak condition. Here are some highlights from a review published in a 2020 edition of Sports Medicine:

  • Discomfort due to Injuries
  • CBD has been shown to help alleviate inflammatory pain from damaged tissues and neuropathic pain from nerve damage. This could make CBD a great choice for reducing discomfort while recovering from an injury.

  • Healing from Fractures
  • In the same review mentioned above, it was seen that CBD might help bone fractures to heal and support healthy bones in general. Hand, wrist, foot, ankle, and collarbone fractures are common in sports, so combining CBD and athletic performance is a sensible idea.

  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Performance anxiety can lead to lost sleep and sub-optimal performance in the game or on the track. The Sports Medicine review notes that CBD appears to help with stress-related anxiety in humans, and could be combined with cognitive-behavioral therapies for the greatest effect in athletes.

  • Better Sleep
  • The same anxiety that chokes performance can hinder sleep before a game. As an anxiolytic and serotonin modulator, CBD can help athletes fall asleep more easily as well as stay more alert on the field.

How Should You Combine CBD and Athletic Performance?

To enjoy the best of CBD and sports recovery, experts recommend using a sublingual tincture or quality CBD gummies. Additionally, our athlete customers have enjoyed our non-emulsified CBD soft gels, both with or without curcumin. Whichever tincture or gummies you prefer, choose a brand that offers third-party laboratory testing and discloses the levels of cannabinoids accurately.

Currently, the World Anti-Doping Agency permits pure CBD, but does not allow THC. At the national and local level, however, your sport may hold to different requirements. First, find out what your sport, club, or association permits and select products that conform to these requirements.

Enjoy THC-Free Tinctures at Kanavia

At Kanavia Organics, we provide a line of tinctures from organic hemp that are based on the best available science and technology. For CBD and athletic performance, we recommend our natural CBD oil for overall support and relief, our broad-spectrum CBD gummies for sleep, and our CBD muscle balm for post-training recovery and injury support. We ship around the U.S. for free. Try our CBD for sports recovery today!