Holly Breck

Holly Breck, Pro Cyclist talks about the benefits of Kanavia Organics CBD Wellness and how CBD has benefited her both on and off the bike.

James Bonham

James Bonham Pro Cyclist in Europe and USA

Rest, recovery & adaptation are undervalued elements of training. What's more, good quality sleep is the most important. Over the last few years, the toll of riding 10,000+ miles per year ruined restful sleep for me, be it symptoms of restless leg syndrome or walking with insane leg cramping.

The opportunity to ride even higher volume in 2020 (10,000 miles by July!) saw things only get worse. By chance I discussed this with @breckinball441 on a ride in LA, she suffered exactly the same symptoms & referred me to @kanaviaorganics CBD products.

After some research (& i admit scepticism) I thought I'd give a try. I must admit it's been eye opening impressive, a game changer for restful sleep thanks to the products I've tried so far.

Being Organic & 0% THC is vitally important, the clear dosage instructions make it easy to administer too.

Train. Sleep. Recover. Repeat.

CBD supplementation is gaining traction in the athletic world. A lot of science-based research is being done to quantify the benefits, I'll link a podcast below to enable you to make an informative decision to see it it'll benefit you.

Thanks for reading... sleep well



Founder of Kanavia Organics on ABC EYEWITNESS NEWS!


I have been experiencing anxiety and insomnia for a few years now. Traditional medications have harsh side effects and I was hoping to find a safe and effective alternative. I tried another brand of CBD oil but I didn't find the results I was looking for, plus it had a strong bitter after taste. A friend recommended Kanavia. I was so happy to find a product that was organic and THC-free. You can tell this product is pure, the taste is light with a hint of citrus. I noticed a difference in a few days of starting the product. Customer service was very helpful in helping me choose the product that was right for me. Shipping ws fast and they even included a free face mask. Can't wait to order more!


Harvey E Harrison

In my 68 years, I treasure Kanavia Organics: their CBD is the most effective and valuable for my PTSD anxiety ... the awesome folks at the company deeply care about us, the customers. Best quality and best people ... ever. Thank you a million times. Supremely recommend this company and its products.


I’ve been suffering from acne scars for years, and those that have had a history of cystic acne and had those reminder marks know what I am talking about.

I’ve tried fillers (only last so long), and due to my skin complexion (Latinx, brown), i’m not a good candidate for lasers. BUT here comes Jasmine introducing me to her new product.

I cannot express how much this CBD oil has helped me with my skin AND my anxiety. When I tell you this product not only helps me with my anxiety, but helped me gain my confidence back, WOW!!. It took about a month to see results. It evened out my skin tone, lightened the dark marks, and ACNE SCARS BE GONE!! To those suffering with reminder marks (and I graduated high school almost 8 years ago) let me tell you I would definitely put my money on this oil.


Going on my second bottle! My skin has never looked better and I feel amazing!! Thank you"

Caitlin from Malibu

This CBD sheet mask from Kanavia Organics is hands down my fav I've tried all quarantine. It is so hydrating, packed with antioxidants, doesn't dry out in .5 seconds after putting it on, and leaves my skin so dewy, plus it smells so nice. I can't hype this up enough!!


I’ve only tried the chews so far but your products are by far the best hands down! I struggle from anxiety, and sometimes it’s so bad I can’t focus let alone get a good night sleep. Most times I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. I’ve been taking the chews after long training days on the bike and when I wake up I’m actually well rested and refreshed, rejuvenated! Funny thing, I actually get notifications on my Apple Watch for below normal heart rate (30-40 bpm)! I FINALLY reach REM. I FINALLY can get a good night's sleep. I can FINALLY wake up and start my day off right. No stress, no anxiety but a fresh start! Thank you guys at Kanavia I cant wait to try The rest of your product line!


Jodi from Simi Valley

My Golden Retriever wasn't able to get up very easily on her own anymore, her hind end and legs were just getting old. And she no longer wanted to go swimming, it was too painful. After about 3 days of the Kanavia chews, she wasn't needing help getting up and was back in the pool!

I have ran out twice now and within few days she was back to struggling physically. The Kanavia dog chews have been better than any prescription from the Vet!!

Francis Mora

"Good morning Jas, just wanted to tell you that I tried the mask and absolutely loved it! I liked how it's not a whole mask, that it's in two parts, it makes it easier and more comfortable to use. It leaves your skin super soft, and what I loved the most, was that shimmer glow that your face has after you take it off. I would definitely use it again, and recommend it. I loved it!!"


"I was skeptical of taking CBD. I started with oil "tinctures". Certain brands worked to some degree, but most did not. Then I was introduced to Kanavia's soft gels, and started taking them consistently. It helped me tremendously with curbing my anxiety and depression. It has allowed me to get off of Xanax. For anyone with anxiety and depression, or anyone who is taking strong antidepressants, I highly recommend trying Kanavia's CBD."

Brittany from Westlake Village, CA

"My 9 year old yorkie-poodle has struggled with anxiety and tremors for years. I began feeding him Kanavia treats and not only did his shakes decrease, but his anxiety melted away! He is typically a picky eater and has a sensitive stomach, however, he goes crazy over these treats and has zero problems digesting them. I highly recommend Kanavia to anyone with an anxious pup!"


"Within a few days I noticed a difference already. The Kanavia Curcumin supplement has helped reduce my chronic neck and back pain by at least 30% and increases my energy. The face mask had a great impact on my skin's complexion and reduced pore sizes with long-term effects after only 1 treatment. My dog has been taking it too, the snack is delicious, she can't get enough of it and it helps with her social anxiety."