CBD for Energy & Focus: Could CBD Replace a Cup of Coffee?

CBD for Energy & Focus: Could CBD Replace a Cup of Coffee?

Oct 6, 2020

A cup of coffee with a notebook and pen

Your alarm goes off and you stumble out of bed, headed for the kitchen where your steaming cup of coffee awaits. For those who have discovered the benefits of CBD for energy and focus—as well as the numerous other benefits that CBD provides—the idea of taking CBD oil in place of your creamy hot cup of joe might seem like a good way to reduce caffeine intake while streamlining your list of supplements and superfoods. Let’s take a look at some ways in which CBD and energy could go hand in hand for a happier, healthier, and more productive you.

The Role of the ECS in Modulating Energy

CBD for energy and focus affects the sensations we feel in our bodies by upregulating our  endocannabinoid system (ECS). Rather than causing its effects directly, CBD changes the way that other cannabinoids are able to bind to receptors and keeps our natural feel-good cannabinoids circulating in the bloodstream for longer.

The endocannabinoid system itself is involved in regulating nearly every other system in the body, which is where CBD for energy and focus comes into play. Rather than speeding everything up like caffeine does, CBD can help to bring a sluggish body back into balance.

How CBD Helps with Alertness

One way in which CBD helps with energy and focus is to boost our alertness. Researchers have discovered that CBD  activates neurons in the hypothalamus, which is a small region of the brain that regulates alertness, as well as releasing hormones and regulating body temperature.

Another way in which CBD and energy work together is that CBD  modulates the transmission of serotonin. A key hormone in the sleep-wake cycle along with melatonin, serotonin is responsible for keeping your mood, energy, and focus at optimum levels. By boosting your available serotonin naturally, CBD can be good for energy and focus by helping you to feel awake and regulating mood-related difficulties that contribute to a general lack of motivation.

CBD Won’t Make You Sleepy

While CBD is known to help anxious people  relax into sleep, it is not a sedative in and of itself. The sluggish and “stoned” feelings that stem from marijuana use are not at all a problem with CBD—which is sourced from medicinal hemp (not the marijuana variety of Cannabis sativa) and is completely free from THC.

If your worries are keeping you up at night, CBD could help you sleep. Likewise, if stress levels and cortisol aren’t letting you concentrate during the day, CBD can help for energy and focus by calming you down. In either case, the CBD is not waking you up or putting you to sleep. It is simply supporting your body to function at its best.

Which CBD for Energy and Focus?

Kanavia Premium CBD Energy and Recovery Drink Mix

To discover the link between CBD and energy, our experienced health professionals recommend trying our oral  natural CBD oil, as a mode of administration that delivers the benefits of the oil to your entire body. Our full-spectrum CBD gummies provide another option for an oral dose with longer-lasting effects than oils.

If you’re looking for something to give you energy before a workout or to help you recover afterward, be sure to try our  CBD energy drink mix. Featuring our very own blend of caffeine and CBD with loads of vitamins and botanical extracts, this berry-flavored powder mix provides the best of the effects of coffee (minus the bean) and CBD in one action-packed energy shot. Alternatively, add some drops of our flavorless or orange-flavored CBD oil to your coffee for a cannabinoid boost with the drink that you love.

The Best CBD for Energy and Focus Comes from the Best Quality Hemp

Whether you’re looking for CBD for energy and focus or trying it for pain and inflammation, the most effective cannabidiol comes from the strongest-grade organic hemp. At  Kanavia Organics, we use only medicinal hemp that was grown organically right here in the United States and do not source any of our raw materials from overseas or industrial hemp plantations.

After harvesting, we draw out the premium-quality hemp oil using a high-pressure liquid chromatography extraction method, which allows us to remove 100% of the THC while retaining the other biological actives. The result of this process is a full-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil that absorbs easily into the tissues and bloodstream.

We invite you to  speak with a friendly healthcare professional to find out which CBD product is best for energy and focus and take advantage of our free U.S. shipping to enjoy more CBD and energy today!