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About Our Founder and President

Kanavia Organics Owner Jasmine


25 Years of Experience in Providing
Healthcare in Southern California

For the past 25 years, I have been a dedicated health care provider in Los Angeles County. As a California-licensed Physician Assistant, I specialize in general, surgical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology.

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences at SFSU, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1991. In 1992, I was accepted into the Primary Care Physician Assistant program at the University of Southern California (USC) Keck School of Medicine. I completed internal medicine, pediatric medicine, urgent care, and emergency training at LAC-USC County Hospital, and then underwent surgical training at Yale School of Medicine in Norwalk Hospital, Connecticut.

After rigorous training in the medical program, I graduated from the USC Physician Assistant program in 1994, receiving my NCCPA National Board Certification with Honors and a Gold Seal in both general and surgical medicine.

My passion and dream was to become a Dermatology Specialist. In 1994, I began my Dermatology preceptorship at Beverly Hills Dermatology Associates, where I was rigorously trained for three years in all aspects of dermatology, including skin cancer screenings, skin cancer treatment, mole checks, and surgical and cosmetic procedures.

In 1997, I joined a prominent group of L.A.'s finest physicians at Dermatology Associates of Westlake Village, a national training facility for Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm. At that point, I became a certified injection trainer and spokesperson for both Allergan and Medicis, training other physicians, PAs, and nurses in advanced Botox, fillers, laser treatment, and other innovative cosmetic procedures.

Throughout this process, I’ve taken great pride in providing high-quality, personalized health care to all my patients. While practicing Western medicine has been very rewarding, in some ways it has proved somewhat limiting. From my experience, I’ve discovered that unique elements of Eastern medicine can help treat and even cure many ailments that traditional medicine simply can't.


Over the years, I’ve witnessed thousands of patients struggle with chronic aches and pains, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pruritus (relentless itching), eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, acne, cancer, and many other inflammatory conditions. Unfortunately, most of the treatments available for these ailments are very limited, with countless potential risks and side effects.

The toughest challenge for me is that I’ve learned that a great remedy found in hemp and cannabis plants is available to treat many of these ailments, a remedy without the horrible side effects that many traditional pharmaceuticals have. While in medical school, I briefly studied the mechanism of cannabinoid receptor sites and the dramatic effect cannabis has on the human body and skin. But for many years, this treatment wasn’t legal in the United States. Then, when California and subsequently Colorado and other states legalized the use of medical cannabis, I began to conduct in-depth research in order to investigate all the potential medicinal elements in this ancient, highly sought-after plant.

As it turns out, marijuana and hemp plants contain natural chemicals called CBD (cannabidiol). We have cannabidiol receptor sites in our brain, muscles, nerve pathways, skin, and other organs. When CBD molecules attach themselves to these receptors, we reap remarkable health benefits from these miraculous plants.

I became even more enthralled with CBD when I personally needed a remedy for postmenopausal symptoms, such as weight gain, insomnia, hot flashes, dry skin and hair, extreme chronic fatigue, malaise, aches and pains, anxiety and depression, mental fog and lack of concentration. Many women in my age group can empathize with all of these common and debilitating health issues.

Until now, however, there wasn’t much to offer for alleviating some of these symptoms, except for hormonal replacement therapy. Unfortunately, hormone replacement is not safe for everyone, since we know it can contribute to the development of breast cancer and have other side effects.

Equipped with all of this wonderful knowledge, and having discovered a potential cure for many debilitating ailments, I was determined to formulate exceptional CBD products derived from medicinal hemp. I knew I could help not just post-menopausal women, but also men and women of all age groups who are in desperate need of a safe, natural remedy to treat and alleviate aches, pains, inflammation, anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of energy, skin disorders, and so many more problems.

Today, I’m proud to introduce the world to my products that contain a pure form of organically grown, premium CBD.

As a health care provider, I have taken extra steps to ensure that all my products are void of psychoactive THC, so you will not get high. I am truly enthusiastic to hear about the mental, emotional, and physical healing that our hemp oil allows you to experience. That is my ultimate goal as a health care provider: for everyone to have a chance to achieve great health and happiness.

Remember, CBD derived from hemp plants is legal in all 50 states and has no mind-altering properties, so there is no risk in exploring whether our products are right for you.

Try our organic products for two weeks, and we’re confident that you'll begin to feel a change for the better.