How to Tell if CBD Doesn’t Work for You

How to Tell if CBD Doesn’t Work for You

Jul 30, 2021

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The initial excitement of trying CBD can quickly lead to disappointment if you don’t “feel something” right away. However, this is actually a surprisingly common experience and doesn’t mean that your CBD is not working. Here, we’ll explain a little bit about CBD efficacy and how to tell if CBD simply doesn’t work for you.

Know Your Product

The most common reason that CBD is not working is that your product doesn’t contain the amount of CBD it states on the label. In the worst-case scenario, it might not contain any CBD at all. A study conducted in 2017 found that 69% of CBD products were mislabeled, and 21% contained (undisclosed) traces of THC.

Before purchasing a CBD product, look for a third-party Certificate of Analysis that confirms the amount of cannabidiol stated on the label. That way, you can be sure that your problems with CBD efficacy aren’t related to a low-CBD product.

Try a Different Mode of Delivery

CBD can also be absorbed into the body in several different ways. The most common delivery systems for cannabidiol are:

If you’re trying to calm a worried mind, the best delivery method is usually sublingual or capsules. If you’re hoping to soothe an ache or a breakout, then you’re looking at a topical formulation.

Using the right delivery method for the right ailment is essential for getting results. If you’re using edibles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes, that might be the reason you think your CBD is not working!

Consider Bioavailability

Even if your product is the right strength, you might need a higher bioavailability before deciding whether CBD is or is not working for you. Bioavailability refers to how easily a product is absorbed into your body and the percentage that is used vs. the percentage that is lost.

Popular methods to increase bioavailability include nanoemulsion and liposomal delivery. This could be something to look into if you take medications that could affect your ability to absorb CBD.

Adjust the Dose

CBD is a complex substance to prescribe, precisely because the results are influenced by so many potential factors. Your body weight, state of health, diet, hormones, genetic makeup, and metabolism all affect the way CBD is absorbed and how much you will need to feel a difference.

If you feel like CBD is not working for you, you might need to try a higher dose. We usually suggest starting with one dropperfuls, once a day, and gradually increasing to four dropperfuls if needed.

Give It More Time

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If you’ve tried everything mentioned so far, you might need to give CBD more time. CBD efficacy changes as it builds up in your system — it’s not a magic pill you pop and “hey presto” all of your problems are fixed. It’s more of a gentle, health-supporting supplement that slowly works to bring internal balance.

To put this into perspective, there are cannabidiol consumers who only felt the effects after weeks or even months of use and continued to enjoy the benefits long-term. If they had stopped after a day or two, they would have thought that their CBD was not working.

Sometimes, It’s Simply Not for You

A professor of clinical psychiatry has estimated that around 20% of Americans may produce more cannabinoids all on their own due to a particular genetic mutation. If you have this mutation, you’re less likely to suffer from mood disorders, but you’re also less likely to respond to CBD.

After trying high-quality, bioavailable, broad-spectrum CBD products from several brands with no effects, it might be that CBD is not working for you and you might need to look into other alternatives. In this situation, feel free to release yourself from your own expectations as well as those of well-meaning friends and family — you’re doing your best to find your path!

Give Yourself the Best Chances with CBD from Kanavia Organics

If you’re still new to CBD and wondering whether your CBD is not working, consider trying the CBD from Kanavia. In contrast to most other “industrial” oils, our tinctures are made from organic medicinal-grade hemp that still contains the broad spectrum of cannabinoids — minus the presence of THC.

To make our oils even more effective, we break the liquid down into tiny particles using a proprietary nanoemulsion process. This increases bioavailability up to six times that of other oils and gives you the best chance of success.

For guidance on product selection or information about CBD efficacy, please consult with a Kanavia healthcare professional. We’re here to help you achieve radiant health and are always happy to get in touch!