CBD and Holistic Care

CBD and Holistic Care

Jun 2, 2021

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Our founder, Jasmine Khachatrian (PA), has always been motivated by a desire to help people enjoy greater health. However, it was only through spending 25 years in clinical medicine that she stumbled on holistic health care and the unique perspective this paradigm can bring. Now, Kanavia Organics offers holistic health through medicinal-grade CBD products that are 100% free from THC. Discover how a holistic paradigm underpins our approach to health at Kanavia.

Health and Wholeness

Practitioners of Western medicine care deeply about helping people and invest years of their life learning the latest advances and breakthroughs in their specialty — whether that be internal medicine, pediatric medicine, dermatology, or oncology. However, when your training is so highly specialized, it can be easy to lose sight of holistic health care — that a patient’s skin issues, insomnia, diabetes, and anxiety might all be connected.

Through dealing with patients across multiple specialties over more than two decades of practice, Jasmine noticed that many of her patients struggled with similar problems — ongoing pain, fatigue, insomnia, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, and more — and realized that cannabidiol might be able to help all of these symptoms with very few risks or side effects.

The Endocannabinoid System

The reason that CBD and holistic health go together so well is that our bodies contain an extensive network of receptors that respond to cannabidiol and the other active compounds in cannabis. These receptors — divided into CB1 and CB2 — are located all throughout our bodies from the brain and central nervous system to the organs, intestines, and skin. 

When you ingest cannabidiol in a readily absorbable form, the molecules cause a domino effect throughout every system in the body that works to bring imbalances back into a healthier range — improving your mood and boosting your wellbeing. For many people, cannabidiol becomes an essential part of their holistic health care plan because they find they can sleep better, think more clearly, and enjoy a degree of natural pain relief with a single, natural supplement.

Whole-Plant Medicine

There is a reason that each plant in nature is packaged in just the way that it is. Just as a human body is not just an eye, a skin cell, a bone, or a tissue culture, the medicines that will heal the body are usually more complex than an isolated extract. It’s true that isolated chemicals are sometimes needed — take intravenous Vitamin C as an example. However, when crafting a holistic health care plan, whole plants offer the most balanced approach.

It’s well known these days in cannabis communities that the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components of the cannabis plant all work together in synergy. For example, CBD is known to help moderate the psychoactive nature of THC. While our medicinal-hemp extracts are completely free from THC, we have focused on producing a phytocannabinoid-rich organic extract that keeps all of the plant’s components (minus THC) intact.

Discover the Kanavia Difference

Inspired by the amazing potential for CBD and holistic health, Kanavia Organics has created a complete line of products that address internal, external, and canine/feline/equine health. As part of our organic holistic health care package, you can enjoy whole-body support with our tinctures and capsules, topical relief with our muscle salve and face masks, and sweet relief with our CBD gummies. Because they contain 0.0% THC, our products are legal in all 50 states. 

Discover holistic health care at Kanavia Organics today!