CBD and Allergies

CBD and Allergies

Feb 17, 2021

Purple lupine flowers blooming in a meadow

During the spring season when we experience some of the most beautiful blooms of the year—thinking especially about poppies, lupine, and chocolate lilies—many American’s start suffering from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever. Over the course of time, many of us have discovered the relief that cannabidiol can provide for many of the discomforts of menopause, stress, and lethargy. Is it possible that CBD and allergies may also be linked?

In today’s post, we’ll take a brief look at the science regarding CBD and seasonal allergies and suggest a few remedies you might like to try at home. As always, we can’t promise that our products will cure your allergies, but we can provide information to help you make empowered decisions concerning your health.

The Science on CBD and Allergies

We owe so much to the scientific community. And as more and more people start testifying to the effects of hemp on a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms, researchers are working hard to understand how this amazing plant affects our bodies. So far, there are two primary ways in which science supports the use of CBD to counteract the symptoms of seasonal allergies. We’ll cover each one briefly here.

CBD May Hinder Histamines

The most common over-the-counter medications for the symptoms of allergic rhinitis (congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing) are anti-histamines. Why? Because the overreaction of the immune system to pollen, blooms, and springtime fungi in allergic rhinitis causes a release of histamine into the bloodstream and the symptoms that we mentioned above.

According to an experiment that was published in 2005, the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabinoids appears to suppress the release of histamine by downregulating the immune system and suppressing the degranulation of mast cells (associated with histamine release). This means that CBD could be described as a naturally-occurring anti-histamine, although clinical trials on CBD and allergies have not yet compared the relative effectiveness of CBD with prescription alternatives.

CBD is an Anti-Inflammatory

CBD’s anti-inflammatory action is probably one of its most well-known properties—whether we’re talking about internal or external inflammation. In the case of CBD and allergies, this could involve internal relief from inflamed and congested nasal passages as well as external relief in the case of contact allergies with pollen and mold.

Recommended CBD Products for Allergic Rhinitis

If you would like to test the relationship between CBD and seasonal allergies at home, there are some specific products that you might like to try:

CBD + Curcumin Softgels

Cover CBD and allergies with Kanavia’s CBD + Curcumin softgels.

Combining two powerful compounds in one, our cannabidiol and curcumin capsules provide the best link between CBD and allergies with the addition of 10mg organic curcumin (turmeric) per softgel. Turmeric is known to contain anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant properties, which when combined with cannabidiol, works to address seasonal allergies through multiple pathways.

CBD + Melatonin Softgels

Address CBD and seasonal allergies overnight with Kanavia’s softgels for sleep.

Allergic rhinitis doesn’t just affect your airways during the daytime—symptoms can often be worse at night as pollen and mold spores settle on indoor and outdoor surfaces. To make sure you can rest in comfort, target CBD, allergies and sleep with our CBD and melatonin capsules.. Melatonin works to help you get to sleep while CBD calms the inflammation in your eyes and nose so that congestion and itching don’t keep you awake.

Other Products for Seasonal Allergies

CBD and seasonal allergies can be approached from a topical angle as well as with oral solutions. Try our CBD muscle balm or natural-flavored CBD oil on any areas affected by an allergic rash or eczema. Our furry friends can benefit from CBD and allergies, especially if they tend to get itchy in the springtime. Rub some CBD oil for pets into the affected patch of skin as needed and consider administering our bacon-flavored pet chews.

At Kanavia Organics, you can rest assured that our CBD and allergy products are third-party tested and certified free from THC and heavy metals. We hope that our CBD formulations help you on your journey to achieving the wellness and relief that you seek for a colorful, sneeze-free spring.