CBD and Weight Loss

CBD and Weight Loss

Posted by C.Owens Kanavia on Nov 8, 2019

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CBD Hemp Oil and Weight Loss

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been blazing new trails in the wellness industry. From claims that it  reduces anxiety to its potential to relieve pain, everyone is talking about CBD. Hearing that CBD hemp oil may even benefit weight loss may sound too good to be true – but amazingly, it's not! The healthcare experts at Kanavia Organics explore the connections between hemp oil and weight loss and what the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil mean for your weight loss journey.

CBD Oil and Weight Loss: What About the Munchies?

Thanks to the age-old stereotype of cannabis-users overcome by "the munchies," eating everything in sight, many people associate cannabis use with a stimulated appetite. While tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in cannabis products can cause hunger, the non-psychoactive compound CBD does not.

While THC works to activate the body's cannabinoid receptors to cause hunger, studies show that CBD does the opposite by influencing other molecules within the body’s  ECS system to deactivate those very same cannabinoid receptors.

A 2018 study showed that by deactivating these receptors, the consumption of CBD hemp oil can benefit weight loss by decreasing appetite. With regular CBD use, you may find it easier to stay on track and avoid those diet-sabotaging snacks!

CBD's Effects on Fat Cells

But that’s not the only way CBD hemp oil and weight loss can go hand-in-hand! CBD can also help burn fat by "browning" the body's white fat cells. The body contains two different types of fats – white fat and brown fat. White fat is responsible for supplying energy and cushioning your organs, while brown fat cells generate heat by burning calories.

Since excess white fat cells can often lead to obesity and chronic illness like heart disease and diabetes, converting those white fat cells into brown fat cells can benefit both your weight and overall health.

You can convert white fat to brown with exercise, good sleep, and -- according to  a 2016 test-tube study -- CBD use! According to the study, CBD hemp oil can benefit weight loss by playing "dual modulatory roles in the form of inducing the brown-like phenotype as well as promoting lipid metabolism," making the compound a potential game-changer when it comes to preventing obesity.

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Metabolic Dysfunction Linked to Inflammation

Dietary habits, however, are not the only factor leading to weight gain and obesity. Metabolic dysfunction and chronic inflammation of specific organs can lead to diabetes and obesity if not monitored and treated. This inflammation -- especially in organs like the liver and pancreas -- can damage the cells responsible for converting stored energy resources in the body and for secreting insulin.

CBD's effect on inflammation within the body is  well-documented, and we're seeing those benefits extend to the chronic inflammation often at the root of metabolic dysfunction.

A 2015 study suggested that CBD hemp oil can benefit weight loss by helping to reduce the buildup of triglycerides in the liver, lower blood pressure, and improve insulin resistance in participants with type 2 diabetes. This largely thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Intermittent Fasting

Another powerful tool in your weight loss arsenal is intermittent fasting, a diet technique that lowers insulin, increases growth hormone levels, and increases the release of the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine. It also, inadvertently, leads to an automatic reduction in calorie intake!

Intermittent fasting involves eating all your meals within a 10-12-hour window and then fasting for 12-14 hours. For most, that means no snacks after dinner (which is difficult for those of us who love a nighttime snack!) That's where CBD hemp oil and weight loss come together. CBD suppresses our appetite resulting in lower food intake and subdued cravings.

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How You Can Get Started with CBD

At Kanavia Organics, our collection of  online CBD products is crafted by a team of healthcare professionals who are passionate about holistic health support.

All of our CBD products -- from our  natural CBD oils to our CBD skincare products -- are created using pharmaceutical-grade hemp grown organically on U.S. soil and subjected to rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure the CBD you ingest is 100% free of THC, pesticides, and heavy metals.

If you’re interested in the benefits of CBD hemp oil for weight loss,  contact our healthcare specialists to discuss a CBD plan that can help you with your weight loss journey. In general, we recommend the following holistic plan for weight loss:


Take 1-2  Premium CBD Softgels with your favorite morning beverage and a small breakfast around 7 or 8 am. (Check out our Premium CBD Softgels with Curcumin for added anti-inflammation support).


Enjoy nutrient-rich snacks like fruits and veggies and your favorite healthy lunch.


At around 5 or 6 pm, you can take another 1-2 Softgels. You can also use one of our all-natural, Premium CBD Oil tinctures. For this method, place 1 full dropper of the Premium CBD Oil tincture of your choice (we prefer  mint CBD oil as a refreshing before dinner treat) under your tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow. Follow with dinner – all before 7 pm – to tame the voracious hunger many of us experience in the evenings. Of course, your schedule will determine when you eat your meals but, ensuring you are fasting between 12-14 hours after dinner is integral.

With consistency, discipline, and maybe a few workouts per week, you'll be primed and ready to experience a healthier lifestyle! Want to learn more about how CBD hemp oil can aid your weight loss journey?  Contact us today to speak to our healthcare professionals and learn more about the CBD product that’s right for you!