5 Ways CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life

5 Ways CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life

Posted by C.Owens Kanavia on Aug 19, 2021

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 Usually, CBD and sex aren’t on the top of the list when it comes to the reasons people take CBD. However, some people who started taking CBD have noticed a sudden and dramatic increase in their sex drive, so we thought we’d explore this interesting side effect. Could CBD and sex drive be related? The evidence seems to indicate that they are!

1. Increased Sex Drive

Some have more difficulty “getting in the mood” than others. According to USA Today, 20-30% of men and 30-50% of women claim to have a very low sex drive. In many of these cases, knowing about CBD and sex might make a huge difference to a couple’s experience of intimacy.

In a 2017 study, 289 women were surveyed on the effect of cannabis on their sex life. 60% commented that cannabis increased their sex drive and 77% said that it decreased pain. This could be good news if you need a little more turn-me-on. While this study examined the effects of cannabis specifically, we’ve also seen similar results with CBD.

2. More Frequent Sex

Perhaps it follows as a natural consequence that an increased sex drive would lead to more activity in the bedroom. In 2017, a survey of 50,000 men and women showed a clear correlation between cannabis use and sex. Those who used cannabis had more sex than those that didn’t, and this was true for every gender and demographic.

As far as CBD and sex go, it’s possible that the CBD’s effects on anandamide might get lovers in the mood — by literally boosting their mood. Further studies might reveal exactly how CBD and sex drive connect, but for now, no one’s complaining about the result!

3. Better Lubrication

For women, lubrication can be the difference between a very pleasing sexual encounter and a painful one that’s quickly brought to a halt. A plus for CBD and sex is that this substance seems to help — whether used as part of a dedicated lube or ingested.

Alex Capano, a faculty member at the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University, considers that CBD might help with lubrication thanks to the presence of cannabinoid receptors in sexual tissues. When CBD increases blood flow to these tissues, the area produces more lubrication naturally.

4. More Satisfying Orgasms

If you’ve ever faked an orgasm, you’ll understand why enjoying your “O”s is vitally important. According to a 2020 survey from Remedy Review, CBD helped a majority of participants experience more satisfying orgasms. Seeing as 30 to 50% of women struggle to enjoy (or even experience) orgasms, this is a significant plus for CBD.

One theory to explain this positive correlation between CBD and sex is that cannabidiol helps to relax the muscles while heightening arousal — the two primary factors that lead to the experience of orgasm. This effect has also been seen in a 2019 study; cannabis use was correlated with a 2.13 increase in satisfactory organisms compared to women who didn’t use cannabis at all.

5. Less Discomfort

Pain during intercourse affects around 20% of American women. Sometimes, it’s connected to a lack of lubrication. Other factors include insertion that is too quick or too deep, vaginal infections, the use of birth control pills, and emotional trauma.

According to the first study cited in this article, cannabis used reduced discomfort for 77% of the women surveyed while simultaneously enhancing their desire for intimacy. Whether it’s thanks to muscle relaxation, increased blood flow, or lubrication, less discomfort is certainly a plus.

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How to Combine CBD and Sex

CBD affects everyone differently and we can’t make any concrete promises that CBD will boost your libido. However, if you’d like to try CBD and sex, here are a couple of practical tips:

  • Try CBD Gummies

Of more than 1,000 people surveyed, most used CBD gummies for sex as opposed to topical products or sublingual drops. Pop a gummy at least an hour before sex to give the CBD time to metabolize.

  • Stick to THC-Free Products

While cannabis may improve female sexual function, some studies suggest that it may lead to erectile problems for males. Until the science is firmly settled, we recommend using CBD products without THC.

Consult with a Healthcare Provider

If you’re curious about CBD and sex or would like to explore the connection between CBD and sex drive for yourself, we invite you to consult a Kanavia healthcare provider. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and recommend the most suitable CBD products for your needs.