Conquering Cabin Fever: How CBD Oil Could Help with Stress While Stuck at Home

Conquering Cabin Fever: How CBD Oil Could Help with Stress While Stuck at Home

Apr 6, 2020

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The global spread of COVID-19 has turned our lives upside-down in only two short months. In the midst of this crisis with no clear end in sight, people are asking whether natural supplements -- like CBD oil for stress -- could help to take the edge off having to stay-at-home. Read on to discover what recent CBD anxiety studies have to say about CBD and stress, and learn how CBD could be the perfect companion for conquering cabin fever during tough times at home.

What is the Link Between CBD and Stress?

To understand how CBD oil for stress could help, let’s first take a look at what stress is. A function of the fight-or-flight response, stress hormones are produced by the adrenal glands when our minds perceive an immediate threat. These hormones accelerate our bodily processes to be able to respond to that threat by making our heart pump faster and keeping us awake. However, when this response is sustained over longer periods of time, stress can interfere with our ability to rest and actually compromises our immune system as well.

In situations like the one we are facing right now, the perceived threat (of contagion) is one that is likely to last for months, and staying in a state of stress will only wear us out. When looking at CBD and stress, recent studies seem to suggest that cannabidiol can help to restore a sense of balance and homeostasis in the body and help you adjust to a new “normal.”

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CBD Stress and Anxiety Studies

A lot of newcomers to CBD want to know if the trending cannabidiol is supported by research. Fortunately, an increase in scientific research about CBD and other cannabinoids in recent years provides us with several studies that indicate CBD oil could help with stress and anxiety. Here are a few examples:

CBD Could Reduce Anxiety

Wondering how the relationship between CBD and stress actually works in the brain? In a study published in 2003, cannabidiol was seen to reduce anxiety in healthy volunteers by stimulating the  limbic and paralimbic areas — the regions of the brain that we use to motivate ourselves, set goals, and manage our emotions. By bringing greater balance to these areas naturally, CBD oil for stress could lower anxiety levels and help you cope with the stress of being stuck at home.

CBD Could Improve Stress-Related Sleep Disorders

If the time at home’s got you feeling anxious and you’re having trouble nodding off, CBD might be able to help. In a 2016  case study, a ten-year-old girl with post-traumatic stress disorder was given cannabidiol (CBD) after pharmaceutical interventions caused major side effects. Her anxiety levels went down and her sleep improved in quality as well as quantity.

For a good night’s sleep while living in lockdown, you can complement your CBD oil for stress by following a regular exercise routine and getting some sunshine — even if it’s only through an open window!

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CBD Could Produce Long-Term Reductions in Fear

There are plenty of studies about CBD for anxiety. However, taking CBD oil for stress could help with fear as well. Have you ever heard the expression, “A life lived in fear is a life half lived?” As you can imagine, living in fear and being stuck inside your home can be especially debilitating!

Interestingly, researchers have found that  CBD lowers fear levels by stopping fear from expressing itself and helping memories of fear to fade away. As the epidemic of fear reaches much further than COVID-19 itself, it can help to know that cultivating positive emotions rather than giving in to fear can lower inflammation in the body and boost your immune system.

CBD Could Be a Natural Antidepressant

Social isolation, unemployment, and financial uncertainty are enough to get anyone down. But if you’re really struggling to stay positive, can CBD oil for stress help with depression? According to research, it appears that it can. In 2010, a study was published in which the researchers compared the effects of CBD oil to the effects of imipramine (a pharmaceutical antidepressant). The results were fantastic — the rats had the same amount of improvement with CBD oil as they did with imipramine, without any of the drug’s potentially dangerous  side effects!

Which CBD Oil to Use for Stress

If you find these CBD anxiety studies interesting and would like to see the link between CBD and stress in action, which kind of CBD should you choose? The main three types of CBD oil on the market are currently CBD isolate, cannabis/marijuana oil, and hemp oil. Here’s a brief description of each:

  • CBD isolate offers the benefits of being THC-free but doesn’t contain the holistic, whole-plant cofactors that help cannabidiol to be absorbed in the body effectively.
  • Cannabis or marijuana oil contains all of the natural terpenes and cannabinoids in the cannabis plant (including the all-important cofactors) but is illegal in most states because it comes from marijuana (defined as cannabis with more than 0.3% THC).
  • Natural, broad-spectrum CBD oil (with only the THC removed) is the kind of CBD oil for stress that we would recommend, as it contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, sterols, and flavonoids you need to get the full benefit of the plant — without the presence of THC.

Kanavia Organic’s mint CBD oil which could help stress.

Meet the Kanavia Organics Range

At  Kanavia Organics, our all-natural CBD oil for stress comes in a variety of flavors (including invigorating mint and refreshing, fruity orange CBD oil), and is crafted from organically-grown, medicinal-grade hemp that was produced right here in the USA. Using our proprietary extraction method, we are able to retain all of the terpenes, sterols, and flavonoids while removing 100% of the THC, meaning that our products are legal in almost every U.S. state.

To help you get the most out of your CBD oil, we also offer our oils the form of  broad-spectrum CBD capsulesCBD gummies, and CBD muscle balms. Some of our CBD capsules also contain other botanicals to help more specifically with pain and sleep. Because we know that looking after your health can get expensive, we ship all of our products FREE within the USA. We’ll also throw in a free CBD face mask to help you de-stress!

Please  contact us to learn more or to speak with a medical practitioner, and discover the power of CBD for stress reduction by shopping our products today.